Study Planner UNISA

With Study Planner UNISA, we want to lighten the frustrations of choosing your modules. We are in the early stages, have some ideas and we are looking forward to hearing your suggestions. Note: We are NOT affiliated with UNISA (University of South Africa)

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Be in control of your studies

Take charge of your module selection, and your studies! Add your planned modules, and the app will conveniently show your exam dates.

Avoid Conflicting Exam Dates

When the exam dates are retreived, we want you to know at the start of your semester if you will have conflicts

Exam Result notifications (Coming Soon)

Checking a hundered times a day if your results has been released is a thing of the past. We will check regularly untill all your results are released.

Exam date / change notifications (Coming Soon)

Get a reminder of your upcoming exams. We also monitor the exam timetable and let you know if the Exam dates Change.

Community Module Feedback (Coming Soon)

See what other students say about the module, was it very technical, or not. Do you have to learn a lot of facts, or are you required to show that you understand concepts (like mathematics).

Forecast Completion Date (Coming Soon)

Estimate out how long it should take you to complete your degree, set the goal and go for it!

Suggestions Welcome

We are looking forward to hearing from you… if you have suggestion, we will gladly dig into making the app better for you!
You can use Support, or you can complete a survey.